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Ausy Luxembourg - IT Security Architect



Valuing the Consultant profession is one of our challenges. We promote long-term relationships as evidenced by some of our employees who have been working with us for more than 10 years. You will evolve in an internal environment where the human and the well-being is at the core of our considerations.

You will have the opportunity to be trained and certified, discover different customer environments and bring all your skills and ideas.

We propose a concerted and evolving career plan thanks to a listening and accessible managerial team.




  • Be the privileged contact at the level of architecture for your customer, working in a team. In this function, you are required to build a trust relationship with your customer.
  • Answer requests for service (RFS) and tenders. Make the technical translation between the needs of the customer and the advantages the customer is looking for the strengths of our portfolio.
  • Create a solution where the architecture is valid (answering the business need/requirements of the customer) and viable (based on recognized, supported and approved technologies for which IBM has adequate support capabilities). Document the elements of cost that are relevant for the solution.
  • Build/Have an architectural exhaustive view on your customer's security projects, also at the level of architecture influencing the internal IT architecture landscape.
  • For qualified requests, collect and formally document the customer requirements in order to establish a baseline for the security solution. Challenge the current architecture standards and new project requests from a technical point of view while keeping an eye on the potential financial impact.
  • Be technically responsible for the offerings made to the customers and be responsible for the integrity (and completeness) of the elements of costs. The proposals should as much as possible be based on the Service Catalogue and existing standards.



  • At least 3 -5 years' experience in designing and implementing security architectures in a particular security domain
  • At least 3-5 years' experience working in a professional services firm - working in architecture/ systems integration projects
  • Experience as security / IT Architect with a deep understanding of diverse application and infrastructure domains
  • Expertise in security consulting, able to think out of the box
  • Experience of requirement specification/validation
  • Experience of doing High Level Design. Some experience of hands on guidance or doing Detailed Design
  • Ability to work out full solution including design, detailed effort estimates and detailed inputs to the cost case
  • Experience with the design and build of two or more different security solutions (like Vulnerability Management, SIEM, Network Security, Endpoint Detection & Response...)
  • Ability to work in an international context and excellent communication skills
  • Experience working across diverse teams to facilitate solutions
  • Experience working with Security practitioners
  • The ability to guide virtual teams and be a primary facilitator
  • Interpersonal skills with the ability to establish and working relationships in a project-based / client-serving model, and to work closely with people at different levels of an organization
  • Ability to lead and shape client expectations
  • Help drive pursuits and engage in complex deals, matching outcomes to expectations
  • Expertise in creating technical documentation of Architecture, Design, Use cases and Test cases
  • Fluency in English, French is an advantage


AUSY group is a consultant in high Technologies with two core businesses: outsourced R&D and IT systems management. AUSY consultants work with corporate departments to design or upgrade IT applications to boost the company's operational performance. AUSY can handle the complete design of an IT system or participate in its partial overhaul, thereby providing solutions for an international restructuring problem, a technological upgrade or a system optimization. In the field of management IT, AUSY consultants work on applications for the company's primary functions and for specific problems. AUSY consultants are able to apply their cutting-edge functional and technological skills to the areas below: n-tier architecture, enterprise application development, e-business/websites/intranet/internet, BI/Operational CRM/analytical, CRM/Control systems, ERP, architecture systems, traditional technologies.

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