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Halian - Administrateur Système Linux


  • Vous êtes en charge de mettre en place les outils et procédures d'installation et les déploiements de systèmes Linux
  • Vous identifiez, de manière proactive, les automatisations possibles dans les opérations de la division
  • Vous maintenez les systèmes en place. Vous êtes également impliqués dans la résolution des problèmes sur divers environnements.
  • Vous êtes en charge de l'installation, de l'administration et de la configuration des solutions incluant des plateformes Linux



  • Expérience d'au moins 5 ans dans le domaine de l'administration de systèmes Linux
  • Expérience ou au moins contact avec les principales stacks, par exemple: mail (Postfix), DB (PostgreSQL ou MySQL/MariaDB), Web (Apache ou NGINX), etc ...
  • Connaissance d'au moins un language de scripting (Bash, Perl, Ruby, Python)
  • Bonne capacité d'analyse de problèmes et utilisation des outils de trace/logging (par ex. TCPdump, parsing/collection de logs)
  • Connaissances de base sur des environnements Microsoft (Windows serveur ou Desktop, rôle d'Active Directory, ...)
  • Connaissances de base en réseau et sécurité (routing, Firewalling, SSL/TLS, par exemple)
  • La connaissance d'un ou plusieurs outils de configuration management constitue un atout (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, ...)
  • La connaissance d'outils d'intégration continue constitue un atout (Jenkins, Nexus, Docker, ...).


As an international IT services company, Halian have worked hard for 20 years to understand the issues that keep our customers awake at night and to create the answers that make their lives a little easier.
Our mission - the goal that's shared by everybody at every level - is “to deliver the best people and technology services in order to help Halian's customers do more; faster, better, and more cost-effectively than ever before."
We're able to do things differently because we think and act differently - the Halian Way is based on rapid service and speedy results, and at its heart lie five key values:
Partnership, Respect, Intelligence, Dedication, and Energy.

Halian has offices in the UK, Luxembourg, Dubai, and Qatar, and have more than 500 employees all over EMEA. We work with some of the world's most ambitious and dynamic organisations, such as Public and European Institutions, Finance, Oil and Gas, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, and partner with industry leading hardware and software vendors. When you join Halian, you will help integrate one of our three service lines: Managed Services, Resourcing Services, or Project Services. You are able to deal with a variety of technologies in critical environments, and make a positive contribution to our customers business. In return, Halian will support the development of your career via different programmes already in place. Halian has built a strategy based on confidence with its customers and partners, and it's these strong links that allow Halian to provide you with job offers not often available on the open job market. Each role is a new challenge to take on!

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