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Keyteo - Transfert Agent Operation


  • Capture, process and record shareholder transactions
  • Follow-up shareholders transactions execution and record  
  • Process corporate actions in shareholder's register including but not limited to : dividends, new share class, mergers and liquidations
  • Respond to specific queries related to the transaction process and corporate actions



  • 4 years of experience in a back-office department
  • 2 years of experience as Transfer Agent or similar position
  • Proven track record in processing corporate actions in a Ta environment
  • Demonstrated ability to work with deadlines and cut-off times
  • Excellent organisational & communication skills
  • Strong autonomy
  • English, MS Office
  • MFTA


KEYTEO is an international and independent group, which grows in a cooperative spirit.

Being determined to evolve through open communication, our employees are directly involved in the center of our projects. We are sure: by forming a team, we will be able to achieve our common goal!

KEYTEO also supports companies in the optimization of their performance. Our expertise in the Digital Transformation and Fintech fields allows us to make the link between our employees, knowledge and our client's expectations.

The human size of Keyteo ensures flexibility and close collaboration between our teams. Moreover, our main values accompany our actions in order to realize to best your projects.

- > TRANSPARENCY: because mutual trust is important to move forward!

- > FRIENDLINESS: because special touch and mutual help can boost solid relationships!

- > PASSION: because we are fully motivated by the ambition to meet your expectations!

If you need more information about our company, our consultants, our undertaken or projects, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can arrange for a deeper discussion.

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