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Rime IT - Linux RedHat Engineer

Ref.: liunx-redhat

We are looking for Linux RedHat Engineers.




  • Requested core skill is Linux, distribution Red Hat, with preferably a knowledge of Red Hat Satellite. 
  • Good level of English is mandatory.  Knowledge of French or German is a plus. 
  • Minimum 2 years Linux experience.


RIME IT is dedicated to Resourcing Management in IT, building the bridge between people and companies looking for IT expertise.
Our goal is to identify and deploy efficient and effective IT solutions in collaboration with our customers.

Our flexible approach is dedicated to quickly match companies' needs and people's competencies, creating the frame of long term win-win collaboration.
We can either act as a service provider, deploying people to support companies' challenge or as a recruitment agent, linking people with companies for direct onboarding.

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