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Westpole - Consultant Réseau

L'équipe « Réseaux et Communications Unifiées »  est à la recherche d'une ressource ayant les qualités et compétences suivantes

  • Expérience, polyvalence, bonne autonomie générale et rigueur de travail
  • Bonnes capacité de communication (écrite et orale)
  • Connaissance dans le plus grand nombre possible des domaines suivants :
    • Réseau : Cisco (Catalyst, Nexus, WiFi), HP/Aruba
    • Téléphonie / vidéo : Cisco, asc (recording)
    • Services Réseau : Infoblox (DHCP-DNS), F5 (load balancer)
    • Sécurité : Firewalls Palo Alto et Fortinet
    • SAN : Brocade


Il s'agit de travailler dans notre équipe (6 personnes), gérant 

  • L'infrastructure téléphonie et vidéo conférence de Spuerkeess
  • Les réseaux (DataCenter, Edge, WAN)
  • Le SAN (switches uniquement, pas les disques)
  • Les composants de sécurité (Firewalls, Proxies, Reverse Proxies, VPN...)
  • Les infrastructures des Datacenters


We are the point of reference in the IT market for the pioneering companies ready to leverage new technological & digital projects, to embrace innovation and to evolve their business.

Born as a carve out from IRIS Group, and with more than 30 years of experience in the management of complex IT environments, we help companies, both private and public to scale up the Digital Transformation path, with a combination of Hybrid Technologies, Managed Services, EIM solutions and High-level Professionals.

Our people wake up every day with the aim to create the new around our customers' need, with an approach devoted to research and innovation and with the pioneering spirit of those who believe in technological progress.

We manage the entire IT stack with integrated Hybrid Technology and Managed Services, while also providing best-in-class IT personnel to support any kind of IT project.

We also provide companies with digital solutions to help the management of information and to optimize business processes.

Optimal mix of on-premise, private and public cloud with centralized view

Centralized support for your hybrid infrastructure and all the managed solutions to keep the business running (from monitoring, backup, disaster recovery and EIM as a service)

The right people for the right project, from ECM services to Hardware, Software and Datacenter services

Digital Mailroom, Advanced Case Management, Information Governance, Business Process Automation

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