Reference no.: ERIN-2020-047
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Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) - Software Development Engineer for Sustainability Applications

Ref.: ERIN-2020-047

What you will be doing


The candidate must demonstrate strong scientific and Web programming skills and software engineering orientation, ideally complemented by sufficient knowledge in the Lcsa / Sustainability domain. The candidate's role is to bring solid software engineering expertise in different steps of the research projects led by sustainability scientists

  • Conceive: you will propose IT solutions and roadmaps to contribute to achieve project's goals. In the case of new application ideas developed during projects, you will help to organize the main building blocks required to produce the new application.
  • Implements: you will implement the IT technical solutions (simulator making, visualization, managing data, ...). This will include the programming of the different scientific and (web) user interfaces, using the results from the calculation backend provided from researchers in the project.
  • Disseminate: you will disseminate knowledge obtained from accomplished projects by reusing visualization for research papers and if needed making Web applications to reach a larger public. You could also be asked to contribute to the licensing of the developed software.
  • Continuous improvement: you will assess what was right and wrong in the process of managing a project and will try new workflow to enable a faster development. For example, identify that it was better to use a MicroService approach, instead of a monolithic approach and implement a simulator as a group of MicroServices. You'll also be asked to maintain documentation of the developed work.


Which profile we are looking for

  • Educational background: Master degree and/or PhD in informatics, computer science or equivalent
  • Required seniority: 2 years or more
  • Libraries / frameworks:
    • Good to Excellent master of any of the following client side libraries: React, VueJS
    • Good to Excellent master of any of the following server side frameworks: Node, Spring, Django



  • Excellent understanding of Web application architecture, programming and deployment
  • Good knowledge of data science related techniques (visualization, curation, preparation, processing)
  • Basic knowledge of modern virtualization by containerization technologies (podman, Docker)
  • Basic knowledge of modern CI / CD techniques
  • Basic to Good knowledge of container orchestration skills



  • Good to Excellent Linux use as base of programming platform
  • Good to Excellent master of GIT


Appreciated technical skills

  • Good to Excellent Python (3) programming skills
  • Good Java programming skills
  • Basic to Good programming skills on functional programming techniques
  • Basic to Good programming skills on other scientific oriented languages (julia, fortran)
  • Basic to Good Machine Learning techniques
  • Basic to Good GitLab platform knowledge
  • GIS techniques, and basic knowledge (QGIS, grass library, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of modern project management techniques Agile-like (Kanban or Scrum)
  • Basic knowledge of testing frameworks for at least one programming language (PyTest, JUnit for example)
  • Basic to Good knowledge of code-quality measurements


Soft skills

  • Open to try new techniques and technologies
  • Ready to work in an international, multi-cultural environment.
  • Rigorous and systematic in code development.
  • Ready to work on simultaneous projects, with different technology stacks (for example Python+JS, Python+Java+JS, Java+R)
  • Provide advice and positive feedback on code reviews.
  • Ready to explain work to non-it specialists
  • Ready to work with people without strong backgrounds in generic programming



  • Good command of English (both spoken and written) is required
  • Knowledge of German and/or French and/or Luxembourgish is considered as an asset


Interested ?


Candidates interested in the above position can apply online via the button below.


The application file should include

  • A CV (including a list of the most relevant developed software)
  • A motivation letter


Company description

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) active in the fields of materials, environment and IT. By transforming scientific knowledge into technologies, smart data and tools, LIST empowers citizens in their choices, public authorities in their decisions and businesses in their strategies.

As part of a Research and Technology Organization (RTO), the work of the Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN) Department tackles some of the major environmental challenges our society is facing today, such as climate change mitigation, ecosystem resilience, sustainable energy systems, the efficient use of renewable resources, and environmental pollution prevention and control. To this end, the mission of the ERIN department is:
(1) To conduct impact-driven scientific research and development, as well as technological innovation
(2) To support companies in the implementation of new environmental regulations and advise governments on determining sustainable policies for the future, with the objectives of:
- Analysing, managing and exploiting sustainable resources (water, air, soil, renewable energy, bio-resources)
- Reducing the environmental impact of human consumption and production activities.

The selected candidate will join its Environmental Sustainability Assessment and Circularity (SUSTAIN) Unit, which is developing knowledge, transferable (software) technologies and practical methods for the integrative evaluation and management of the sustainability and toxicological risks of human driven systems. Its final purpose is to foster sustainable, technology driven eco-innovation in industry and to support sustainability-oriented policy-making.
Within the SUSTAIN Unit, the applicant will be incorporated in the Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis (LCSA) research group. The activities conducted within the LCSA group mainly consist in the development and application of methods, metrics and tools to assess the sustainability performance of products, technologies and policies for both industrial organisations and policy makers.

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