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Neofacto - Data Management Project Manager





The Bank aims at transforming data into an asset therefore implementing a “Know Your Data” (Kyd) culture shared by all employees of the Bank. 

In order to achieve these objectives, the Bank is looking for a Project Manager for implementing a Data Management (DM) process in the company.





The candidate will have the following responsibilities:

  • Business requirements
    • To inventory existing policies re DM in the Bank's group
    • To collect requirements in terms of DM including all business lines (Client, Operations and Support Functions) and to inventory the pain-points at each stage of their processing, from data acquisition to reporting
    • To identify regulations and initiatives in the Bank that could derive benefit from having a DM process
  • Architecture and IT platform
    • To inventory critical data in Business Lines and to determine where they're located in IT Systems (incl. inbound/outbound flows) in order to get a global data matrix 
    • To draw a cartography with all referential used by the Bank and to propose a plan for optimizing their usage, including IT projects (decommissioning of duplicate referential, data enslavement, etc.) or new business processes (data quality reinforcement, data ownership, etc.)
    • To identify existing solutions in the Group covering the Data Management process (Data Dictionary, Data Quality, Data Lineage, etc.)
  • Project management
    • To frame the project in terms of scope, budget, planning and stakeholders in order to get a project approval
    • To coordinate the project implementation including following actions:
      • To manage day to day issues relating to scope variations and planning constraints together with stakeholders and resource managers.
      • To make sure that stakeholders are involved and that decisions are taken at the right hierarchic level.
      • To ensure that resources are assigned on tasks according to the milestones defined in project plan.
      • To ensure that the Bank's standards are followed (ex: standard deliverables, QA) and that the Bank's validation steps are respected (ex: peer review, security, architecture).
      • To ensure an operational animation of the team and a weekly follow up thanks to an Opco (Operational Committee).
      • To organize a monthly Steerco (Steering Committee) to gauge progress against milestones, actuals against budget as well as to reports on risks and issues.
      • To make sure that the project documentation is produced and that the Bank's tools are properly updated (ex: time tracking, capacity planning).


Required Skills

  • Project Management:
    • Proven experience of min. 12 years in project management in the banking sector
    • Familiar with project management in an IT department
    • Proven experience in budget preparation and planning
    • High risk sensitivity to identify issues and take immediate decisions
    • Result oriented, respectful of deadlines and good at managing scope variations
    • Ability to take difficult decisions and communicate to stakeholders 
  • Organization:
    • Proven experience of min. 5 years in an Organization department
    • Familiar with lean Six-Sigma principles and tools
    • High business process awareness to address change management adequately
  • Functional Skills:
    • Proven experience in implementing a Data Management process
    • Familiar with banking data from origination to reporting
  • IT Skills:
    • Strong skills in IT architecture and solution design
    • Familiar with Data Management solutions 
  • Soft skills:
    • Good ability to synthesize with a strategic vision
    • Smart in managing transversal aspects
    • Strong leadership in order to mobilize stakeholders and obtain the adhesion of players
    • High powers of persuasion able to adapt to multiple hierarchical layers
    • Be autonomous and able to work with little supervision 
    • Have strong analysis skills
    • Have strong English skills (both spoken and written)
    • Have strong communication and documentation skills
    • Have strong organizational and interpersonal skills
    • Be highly adaptable
  • Language skills: Excellent written and oral French and English skills are essential


Deliverables and Planning


The mission will have to produce following deliverables:

  • Business requirements:
    • List of existing policies
    • List of requirements per Business Line
    • List of regulations and initiatives around DM
  • Architecture and IT:
    • Data Matrix (critical data per Bl with their locations in IT systems and flows)
    • Cartography with all referential used by the Bank (As-Is)
    • Plan for optimising the usage of referential (To-Be)
    • Architecture of a DM solution for Luxembourg based on the Group standard
  • Project management:
    • Project Initiation Document
    • Project Plan
    • Project Dashboard including risk indicators
    • Project Report and minutes for Steering Committee


Neofacto is mainly recognized in Mobile and Web development. The company started in 2000 in Luxembourg and is well known as a serious, creative and innovative partner to its customers. The services range from strategic advice, business analysis and modeling, architecture choices, software development, testing, and project management.

Created by IT entrepreneurs, Neofacto is a team of passionate engineers and consultants; the company is also the incubator of several high-tech startups like Jamendo in the digital music space or Scorechain/Yallet around the bitcoin crypto currency.

Neofacto has around fifty employees in Luxembourg, fifteen in Belgium; and is seeking to expand on the same business model that made its success for fifteen years.

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