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Ausy Luxembourg - Linux / MQv9 Specialist

Your career at Ausy Luxembourg PSF


Valuing the Consultant profession is one of our challenges. We promote long-term relationships as evidenced by some of our employees who have been working with us for more than 10 years. You will evolve in an internal environment where the human and the well-being is at the core of our considerations.

You will have the opportunity to be trained and certified, discover different customer environments and bring all your skills and ideas.

We propose a concerted and evolving career plan thanks to a listening and accessible managerial team.



  • We're looking for someone with a deep understanding of the Linux operating system and the services that run on top of it,  to help grow, maintain and administer our infrastructure. We have a strong focus on systems automation, continuous delivery and improvement
  • You'll be working in an exciting and rapidly expanding environment deploying, monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing our systems while collaborating with a seasoned group of skilled engineers and developers from Luxembourg, and from around the world. 
  • You'll be contributing to the Expansion of our Platforms with Private & Public Cloud, Docker, or ITaaS Technologies in order to maximize our Efficiency
  • If you are interested in being a part of a highly technical and innovative team, we'd love to talk to you! 



  • Co-Lead Production Activities for 1200 Production & Development Linux Servers, mostly on Red-Hat Technology
  • Be Part of a Team of 6 Linux Admins of Various Expertise, and contribute to day to day Life of Production & Non-Production Servers
  • On a define scope of Servers, Define & Lead an improvement Plan
  • Contribute to a Strong Automation Initiative that aim to Upscale Hosting Services to Continuous Delivery Model of Operations, based on  Open Source Technologies.


Production Activities (60%)

  • Co-Lead day2day Support Activities : 20%
  • Participate to Provisioning Activities for Internal Customer of Infrastructure Services: Build Servers, Help Application Teams in setting Up their Application in Production : 20 % with a Target of Cloudification of the Service
  • Legacy Management & Continuous Improvement : 20%
  • Participate to infrastructure Weekend : One Saturday a month in rotation
  • Participate to On Duties Activity in rotation with staffs Members
  • Participate to DRP Exercise  : 2 occurrences per Year
  • Context where Servers are 100% Virtuals on Vblock & Nutanix technologies


Technical Skills Involved

  • RedHat, Satellite, Patch Management, Puppet, Apache, Tomcat, IBM MQ, Web Services, Perl
  • Knowledge of Data-Center Activities, Hardware Monitoring, Consul, Vault, DNS Bind ,
  • ESX I , VMware, Vblock, Dell, Nutanix, VPLEX


Contribute / Lead transformation on Automation, Private Cloud, and Open Source Technologies (40%):


Based on Candidate Technical Skills and Interest

  • Develop Automation API into ITaaS Platform, using Python and Rest Framework
  • Contribute to Build of Private Cloud based on VMware vCloud Solution & CentOS Build
  • Participate to Evolution of MQ Platform / Introduce Rabbit MQ
  • Participate to Implementation of Applicative containers using Docker and Swarm
  • Define & Implement Next Virtualization Platform that will Host the entire Scope of Servers


Technical Skills Involved

  • Rest Framework, Red-Hat Satellite
  • Puppet Class Development, API development through Python
  • Docker & General Experience of Container, using Swarm (or  Kubernetes)
  • Knowledge on Storage EMC & Nutanix
  • VMware: Standard Virtualization Layers as well as Cloud modules
  • Continuous Delivery (Jenkins)


Specific MQ Activities/Projects Ongoing

  • Setup a brand New MQv9 infrastructure as replacement of MQv7.5 existing infrastructure
    • Integration of this platform into global MQ Infra
    • Integration of MQ continuous Delivery Module & Integration with Continuous Delivery Platform
  • Setup of a brand new Rabbit MQ environment
  • Automation of as much operation as possible regarding MQ & Rabbit-MQ: Scripting/Development of Top5 operations requested by our Internal Customers:
  • creation/modification/display of queues, channel, permissions
  • Interact with customer to assist integration of their application within new MQv9 environment (MQ & SSL, AMS,..)
  • Technical Skills : IBM MQv9, AMS, Rabbit MQ,

Description société

AUSY group is a consultant in high Technologies with two core businesses: outsourced R&D and IT systems management. AUSY consultants work with corporate departments to design or upgrade IT applications to boost the company's operational performance. AUSY can handle the complete design of an IT system or participate in its partial overhaul, thereby providing solutions for an international restructuring problem, a technological upgrade or a system optimization. In the field of management IT, AUSY consultants work on applications for the company's primary functions and for specific problems. AUSY consultants are able to apply their cutting-edge functional and technological skills to the areas below: n-tier architecture, enterprise application development, e-business/websites/intranet/internet, BI/Operational CRM/analytical, CRM/Control systems, ERP, architecture systems, traditional technologies.

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