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BIL - Banque Internationale à Luxembourg - Solution Architect (t24 / Open Stack / Data)

Réf.: 5fa3baa86f8acde868a72c7d



BIL provides relevant and innovative financial services to our clients. We are focused on Luxembourg and selected international markets, and on a long-term value creation by empowered individuals and teams.


We're currently in the process of migrating from our Core Banking system (Mainframe) to a more modern solution (T24). Our Dev teams mainly work on integrating our fronts with this new Core Banking using micro-services. We're putting heavy accent on DevOps practices.


In the context of activities in our IT department, we are actively looking for : Senior Application Software Engineersolution Architect - Tech lead


Integrated in our Digital IT department, you will be part of the BIL's Transformation Plan. It focus on innovative financial platform bringing relevant digital banking features to clients and employees in order to take the bank's capabilities to the next level.


We are looking Senior Application Software Engineer, that'll take the role of a Solution Architect - Tech Lead, to integrate development teams and promote excellence in software development and encourage the adoption of technical architecture standards.





Together with your team, you will be responsible for

  • Analysis of the expressed needs and requested features.
  • Solutions design in line with the information system.
  • Document and validate the solutions with actors of the project.
  • Ensure developments with the rest of the team in compliance with our standards.
  • Communicate team project progress with the Project Manager and the clients.


Within the bank, you will work to

  • Promote and facilitate the adoption of the Software Craftsmanship practices.
  • Help teams to adopt the right modes of awareness according to the situation.
  • Identify and propose adaptations in the constitution of project teams when problems are detected.
  • Promote meaningful refactoring.
  • Support the implementation of architectural standards.
  • Participate in the construction of the developer training program.
  • Share and promote knowledge inside the bank through our Dev Community.
  • Propose and implement indicators to measure the benefits of the aforementioned activities.



  • 10+ years in IT development area and a significant experiences in technical coaching or similar roles.
  • You are fluent in written and spoken English and French. You are able to participate actively in English and French meetings.


IT skills

  • Mastering of one or more frontend / backend technologies like JavaScript, ReactJS, Java, Spring Boot, etc.
  • Knowledge in TDD and BDD.
  • Knowledge in DevOps and CI/CD practices and tools will be an advantage.
  • Culture in information technologies and architecture.
  • Knowledge of Software Patterns and Anti Patterns.
  • Good understanding of enterprise architecture (events, micro-services, operability)

A general knowledge of the banking industry will be an advantage. Experience in T24 integration is an asset.



Personal skills

  • Development is your passion.
  • Progress through the software culture of Craftsmanship is your wish.
  • Make untested code repels you.
  • Sharing your knowledge with your peers interests you.
  • Being challenged on your opinions does not frighten you.
  • Being pragmatic is your biggest fault.
  • Your obsession is the shortest feedback loop possible - at all scales.
  • You are passionate at heart and always seek to improve yourself and share your knowledge.
  • You are a code veteran who masters one or more programming languages.
  • You like to communicate and are not afraid to speak your mind.
  • You are keen to take initiative.


We offer you


BIL offers a broad range of challenging projects and a huge choice of career paths - we will assist you in finding the one that best meets your skills and expectations. Your personal development is our priority and we greatly encourage you to take on roles in different business areas for the broadest possible experience.

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La Banque Internationale à Luxembourg est la plus ancienne Banque de la place financière luxembourgeoise. Fondée en 1856, la BIL est un acteur clé des métiers de Banque Commerciale, de Banque Privée, de Banque d'Entreprise et de Salle des Marchés. Ces métiers s'appuient sur d'importantes fonctions Support et sur nos Services Opérationnels.

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