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Europ IT Services - Pentester

Réf.: 201029



What need to be Checked in general

  • Identify weaknesses that could benefit a malicious individual near and which would allow him access to the company's internal network and to the critical systems it hosts via WiFi
  • Compare each technical element identified with the state of the art of wireless security in order to identify possible attack scenarios.
  • Tightness between the guest WiFi and the WiFi Corp. (assuming that the hacker would be granted access to the WiFi guest)
  • Network accessibility, i.e. the range of electromagnetic signals that propagate the Wi-Fi signal;
  • Authentication mechanisms used to identify network users in such a way unambiguous and sure;
  • cryptographic mechanisms implemented to protect wireless communications, which are often derived from authentication mechanisms;
  • mechanisms for the administration and supervision of network access points and terminals using the network;
  • other configuration items for Wi-Fi access points.

Description société

Europ-IT group provides IT services and engineering to corporate clients, small to medium sized business and other various companies throughout Europe.

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