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Halian - DevOps Engineer

Role, work description


The Dev-Ops lead engineer cares for the “Infrastructure Fabric”, that is: a standardised and highly automated stack comprising computing, network, Storage and data resources that must support:

  • An internal software factory and its CI/CD lifecycle.
  • A BI environment that is shifting its tools from premises to a data-lake on AWS.
  • A (small) virtual desktop pool to allow external developers to access our software factory or implement legacy backoffice application.
  • The Dev-Ops is experienced and hands-on and she/he can devise best practices and best of breed solutions to support the above mentioned stacks.
  • She/He reports to the Devopps lead.
  • In the long term we want our developers and data specialists to be able to define their stacks, pipelines, tests and QA tools from a catalog of building blocks and launch them on demand. The Dev-Ops Engineer will be instrumental for the realisation of this vision.


Tech skills desiderata

  • Experienced AWS practitioner.
  • Experienced with orchestration stacks like TerraForm and its eco-system. 
  • Qubernetes down to the Container
  • Experience on CI
  • Experience with Java environments, JavaScript environments are a bonus.
  • Acquainted with maintaining enterprise technologies like Messaging queues, Application Servers, integration tools.
  • Experience in maintaining a system's health and how to organise a first response in case of issues.


Soft skills

  • Team player
  • Ability to organise work and measure its avancement.
  • Communicative


(Not extensive) portfolio of current technologies:

  • AWS infra (VPC, RDS, SMS, R53, S3, Nginx, Cognito...)
  • Qubernetes
  • Linux
  • RabbitMQ
  • Java (Spring)
  • TerraForm
  • Bamboo (soon Jenkins)
  • Flywheel
  • HashiCorp Vault
  • Jaeger, Grafana (to be replaced by Dynatrace)
  • ELK
  • Jira/Confluence/BitBucket/Artifactory/SonarQube

Description société

As an international IT services company, Halian have worked hard for 20 years to understand the issues that keep our customers awake at night and to create the answers that make their lives a little easier.
Our mission - the goal that's shared by everybody at every level - is “to deliver the best people and technology services in order to help Halian's customers do more; faster, better, and more cost-effectively than ever before."
We're able to do things differently because we think and act differently - the Halian Way is based on rapid service and speedy results, and at its heart lie five key values:
Partnership, Respect, Intelligence, Dedication, and Energy.

Halian has offices in the UK, Luxembourg, Dubai, and Qatar, and have more than 500 employees all over EMEA. We work with some of the world's most ambitious and dynamic organisations, such as Public and European Institutions, Finance, Oil and Gas, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, and partner with industry leading hardware and software vendors. When you join Halian, you will help integrate one of our three service lines: Managed Services, Resourcing Services, or Project Services. You are able to deal with a variety of technologies in critical environments, and make a positive contribution to our customers business. In return, Halian will support the development of your career via different programmes already in place. Halian has built a strategy based on confidence with its customers and partners, and it's these strong links that allow Halian to provide you with job offers not often available on the open job market. Each role is a new challenge to take on!

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