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Neofacto - UX/UI Designer



General description


Define and develop recommendations which will be used as a basis for creative work:

  • Tree structure and taxonomies
  • Content zones
  • Functional mock-up
  • Communication strategy
  • Define the recommendations and methods to be applied in document , software, web ergonomic. 


Nature of the tasks


Build the structure and organize the information, in particular organizing content in terms of:

  • Selecting, presenting and accessing the information (navigation)
  • Analyze requirements
  • Produce strategic recommendations - focus on project objectives (marketing, communication, etc.)
  • Produce an intuitive tree structure for navigation (information hierarchy), in other words:
    • Formatting content
    • Defining the ways in which the information will be published, updated and validated
    • Promote information for various targets
    • Net projects strategy (intranet/internet)
    • Writing for the web



  • Master in Graphic and technology or in Communication and Marketing
  • Fluent in English
  • In relation to the Specification of services, indicatively with focus on:
    • Marketing and communication experience
    • Managing content management (summary analyses, work on metadata in order to facilitate access to information, define communication strategy and information hierarchy)
    • Technologies: PHP5, HTML5, SASS/Less/CSS3, JavaScript, JSON, JQuery, SVG, MySQL, XML, Bootstrap, Foundation, SVN, Handlebars.
    • Softwares: Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Fireworks, Sublime Text, Eclipse, Sketch, InVision. 


Professional experience


Experience, combination of some of the following fields:

  • Work for a web design company
  • Define the content for intranet sites
  • Provide specific communication content about various topics (ideally IT ones)
  • Define web ergonomics


Neofacto is mainly recognized in Mobile and Web development. The company started in 2000 in Luxembourg and is well known as a serious, creative and innovative partner to its customers. The services range from strategic advice, business analysis and modeling, architecture choices, software development, testing, and project management.

Created by IT entrepreneurs, Neofacto is a team of passionate engineers and consultants; the company is also the incubator of several high-tech startups like Jamendo in the digital music space or Scorechain/Yallet around the bitcoin crypto currency.

Neofacto has around fifty employees in Luxembourg, fifteen in Belgium; and is seeking to expand on the same business model that made its success for fifteen years.

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