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Proximus Luxembourg - Cloud Security Engineer

Job Content


The Cloud Security Engineer aims at securing the digital journey of our customers wherever their workload is located, in particular, He/She is working on public/hybrid cloud environments to ensure our customers the appropriate level of security commensurate to the risks and advice them to the appropriate security mechanisms to enable to secure their data and their workload.


He/She is also accompanying our customers in the cloud-migration by designing, setting up and maintaining secure infrastructures based on public/hybrid cloud platform to ensure the protection of the data by assessing existing cloud structures and creating new and enhanced security concept in line with the global strategy and risk to be address by the customer.

He/She is responsible for keeping up to date the infrastructure and solutions, advising on recommendations and tracks of improvement, and taking part in the design, implementation and continuous improvement of cloud-based security products and services.

He/She is also ensure knowledge transfer to the appropriate persons on the security concept that has been set-up.


He/She may also provide support in the frame of the incident / crisis handling involving the platform, by either collecting evidences or improving existing platform to face the threats or setting up a new platform to secure the workload.



In more general fashion, He/She is

  • installing, deploying, managing and operating security solutions
  • testing of new configuration, equipment and releases
  • reporting on network/security usage and performance
  • participating to project and deployment of new security architecture
  • delivering technical solutions and improve the level of protection of the system
  • developing the technical documentation regarding the operational procedures
  • being part in the security incident response process
  • helping the IT teams to create security awareness.



  • Knowledge and experience on « cloud-based » solutions and products from the main vendors on the market (Cisco, CheckPoint, PaloAlto, ... non-exhaustive list)
  • Knowledge and experience on virtualization of security devices
  • Knowledge and experience on Casb, IAM, DevSecOps projects, ...
  • Good understanding of IT security, including network and security
  • Technical knowledge of current operating systems, network Hardware, protocols and standards
  • Excellent knowledge in analyzing, troubleshooting and correcting problems (either network or security)

Description société

As of January 1st, 2019, Telindus is a brand of Proximus Luxembourg SA.

Founded in 1979, Telindus Luxembourg supports all companies and public administrations in their digital transformation by providing them with holistic ICT and telecom solutions as well as tailor-made support services.

Its areas of expertise include fixed and mobile telecommunications, ICT infrastructure, multicloud, Fintech solutions, cybersecurity and managed services. Through its Training Institute, Telindus addresses all of its customers' challenges and enables professionals to remain at the forefront of best practices and ICT technologies.

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