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Randstad - EU Sports Coordinator

For one of our client in the broadcasting and entertainment sector we are looking for a one year contract a:


EU Sports Coordinator (m/f)



Your Role


Act as EU coordinator for all work related to Sports which are already live in the product or planned to go live.

The role will cover the following: 

  • EU Sports Calendar maintenance:
    • For any sport planned to go live in the Sports product, create a full view on which sports competition is starting when (date), and where (country), and how long the event takes (closing date). Maintain the data up to date.
    • Liaise with product owners
  • Bound data related work:
    • Capture (in Excel file) on which channels which sport will be airing (including Cosmo Source Ids). Maintain the data up to date. (Airing channels can change all the time).
    • Verify that we support this channel and if not, liaise with Schedule Specialists and Content team to start onboarding and covering this channel ASAP ('New Channel Onboarding Procedure' to follow)
    • Capture (in Excel file) how much in advance we receive schedule data for each of the channels airing an event, and monitor that incoming schedule is reflecting the to-be-aired match correctly. Follow up with data providers in case data received is incorrect.
    • Do or coordinate schedule QA to check that all competitions are correctly created and logged in schedule, including the Live flag
  • Unbound Data related work:
    • Establish/analyze current status of the Unbound Sports DB per country (how did we support Sports in the past? What are the differences to Na? what are the challenges?) and propose option to improve how we create Sports programs
    • Set up a Sports content policy that aligns with product requirements and with current data providers, or help establish a new way of handling Sports in general (e.g. pre-creation via BU?)
    • Create (or coordinate to get created) all missing teams of any new league we start to capture. E.g. we have recently been asked to create all 80 teams in Cosmo for the Segunda Division B.
    • Do and coordinate any Translation Work related to the product, e.g. team translations into the four languages. This is mainly needed to support the KG's ability to find the program in the schedules
  • Matching tool work:
    • Verify that the matching tool correctly reflects the match program Ids and if not, put them in manually
    • Liaise with Kyle and engineering on further developing this tool to make it more user-friendly and more efficient (=help develop the functional requirements)
  • Scraped Sports data Content QA:
    • Do (and coordinate) the Content QA of the scraped data about teams, leagues, players, etc per Sport on an ongoing basis. One file per league will be provided per month to QA. Capture QA results consistently and liaise with KG engineers to improve quality.
    • Collect website links per country with Sports data for the KG team to scrape.
    • E.g. we have recently been asked to provide links for all the upcoming Friendlies (matches between the National Teams outside any competition).
  • Rich Media related work: Image matching (images of players in their team jerseys and images of scenes from games to be linked to the correct player and game)
  • Reporting: Help to develop automatic or on-demand reports that run on the schedule data and which help content to identify gaps, issues, missing live flags, etc
  • Sports Demo QA: QA the data as shown in the demo tool (used for Ibc)
  • The coordinator needs to liaise with the content editors and/or schedule specialists of the other markets.


Your Profile

  • Previous experience in this field will be considered as an asset.
  • Fluent in english
  • Strong interest in the Sport industry

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Randstad is one of the leading players worldwide in the area of recruitment, temporary work and human resources services. Randstad has been operating in Luxembourg since 1995 and works for most of the important companies of the country.

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